SOLO: Episode #1 Alan, Milan, 25.01.2014

This project is born from the need to overcome the comfort zone where I am when I work with female body, beginning to investigate the male subject (i'm sure that is the person, regardless of her body, that transmits the power, the elegance and melancholy that fascinate me looking at her) and furthermore from the desire to understand something of the man's psyche and transfer it on a mutable media like instant film because what we can understand of a person can be only a instantaneous and mutable light. SOLO (ALONE) is the man who finds himself unexpectedly in the morning "abandoned"; SOLO is the dance of the male body in space looking for the presence of who will never come back. SOLO (only one) is the time when a woman,silent spectator, is unable to connect to him in a flash of light.

Model: Alan Scelfo
shot with polaroid + Impossible Color 600
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